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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer


Output Voltage 230 VAC (1 phase), 415 VAC (3 phase) 4 wire system.
Regulation +/- 1% or 0.5%
Supply Frequency 47 - 53 MHz
Efficiency Better than 98%
Wave form distortion Nil
Effect of Load Power Factor Nil
Ambient 0-45C max relative humidity upto 90%
Environment Designed for indoor tropical use
Enclosure IP 23

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer Salient Features     

  • Fast Rate of correction 105 V/Sec.
  • Response Time less than 10 milliseconds
  • Use of PI type control circuit prevents over / under shooting or hunting.
  • No noise or transient generated by the system due to isolated servo drive and relay free operation.
  • Plug-in Type fiber glass PCB's ensures minimal down time with silver plated fingers for better contact.
  • Use of IC's and professional grade components for total reliability.
  • Every unit is 'soak tested' for 24hrs to guarantee a trouble free operation.
  • Conforms to 'Joint Service Specification' of Ministry of Defense - JS - 55555.
  • Reliable and consistent performance.
  • Efficiency 98%.
  • DG set compatibility. Special RMS sensing circuit ensures no drift in output Voltage even with distorted waveform. This avoids nuisance tripping of advanced electronic equipments.
  • Inbuilt protection like Single Phasing, Output Low / High voltage setting with audiable alarm, programmable delayed tripping circuit etc.
  • Built in digital metering for measurement of Voltage, Current, Frequency.
  • Use of Pulse Width modulation Technology
  • Small & compact in size
  • Higher overloaded capabilities
  • Quick deliveries & ease of maintenance

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer Applications

  • Quick, steady and accurate correction of voltage
  • Constant output voltage, despite load current variations
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input unbalance
  • Overall energy saving - above 98% efficiency
  • Increased life of your equipment, reduced heating and minimal losses
  • Optional features include additional metering, surge suppression, voltage cut-off, overload protection, single phase prevention, bypass mechanism, Soft Start, time delay, audio-visual alarms, trips for abnormalities, inbuilt isolation transformer etc

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Technical Specifications

Supply system Input Voltage range Rating
Single phase 170 - 270 V 1,2,3,5,7,10,12.5,16,20 & 25 KVA air
-cooled execution
Three phase 340 - 480V 5,7.10.15,20,25,30,40,50,60,75,100,125 &
150 KVA air-cooled execution.
75,100,125,150,175,200,225,250,300, 350,
400,500,600,750,800,1000,1250 1500KVA
oil cooled execution
295-470V   3,3.5,7.5,10,15,25,30,40,50,60,75 100KVA
air-cooled execution.
60,75,100,125,150,200,250,300,400,500 &
1000 KVA oil cooled execution.

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