NEELKANTH POWER SOLUTIONS Blog Latest Products Wed, 29 May 2024 08:17:33 +0530 en-us Things To Know About Furnace Transformers? Fri, 19 Feb 2021 18:12:55 +0530 Furnace transform means an extremely hot enclosed space, where heat is produced using electrical arcing for melting certain metals like scrap steel without charging electrochemical properties of the metal. Here electric arc is produced between the electrodes. This electric arc is used for melting the metals. The arc furnaces are used to produce mini steel structural bars and steel rods. The furnaces are in a form of a vertical vessel of fire bricks. There are mainly two different types of electrical furnaces. They are the direct current and alternating current operated furnaces. The furnace transformer manufacturers produce both kinds of furnaces for different needs and purposes. DC Electric Arc Furnace This is the advanced and recent furnace compared to the AC arc furnace. In this type of furnaces, the current flows from the cathode to anode. This furnace has only a single graphite electrode and the other electrode is embedded at the bottom of the furnace. There are various methods of fixing anode at the bottom of the direct current furnace transfer. The first arrangement consists of a single metal anode placed at the bottom. This is water-cooled because these generally gets heated up very fast. In the next type, the anode bar is the conducting heat by C-MgO lining. The current given to the Cu plate positioned at the bottom end portion. Here the cooling of the anode is by the air. In the third arrangement, the metal rods act as the anode. This is entranced in MgO made. In this the fourth arrangement, the anode is thin sheets. The sheets are entrenched in MgO mass. Benefits Of The Furnace Transformers Following are some of the advantages of using this transformer. These are as follows: This decreases the electrode consumption by 50%. The melting of the metal is uniform. There is a decrease in power consumption which is around five to ten percent. This reduces flicker by 50%. The refractory consumption is reduced. Hearth life can be extended. The high voltage furnace transformer is used by plenty of different in different industries for many purposes. You will get to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits by choosing these furnaces. AC Electric Arc Furnaces In AC electric furnaces the current flows between the two electrodes through the charges in metal. In this furnace, three graphite electrodes are used as a cathode. The scrap works like an anode. Compared to the direct current furnaces, this is much more cost-effective. This furnace is also commonly used in different furnaces. The furnace transformer suppliers in Mumbai, provide you with the best furnace for your use. Working Principle Of Furnace The working of the furnace includes charging the electrode, meltdown period and refining. The light and heavy scrap in the large basket is preheated with the help of the exhaust gas. For speeding up the slag formation, the burnt lime and spar are added to The charging of furnace takes place by swinging off the roof of the furnace. According to your needs, the hot metal charging all takes place. Then next comes the meltdown period. The electrodes are moved down into the scrap in this period. Them the arc is produced between the electrode and metal by considering the protection aspect, low voltage is selected for this. After the arc is shielded by electrodes, the voltage is increased for speeding up the melting period. During this process, carbon, silicon and manganese get oxidized. The lower current is needed for the larger production. The heat is lost and it is also less. The process of melting down can be fast by deep bathing of the electrodes. The process of refining starts at the time of melting. Removal of sulfur is not essential for the single oxidizing slag practice. Only phosphorous removal is needed in this. But in the practice of double slag, both the removable of oxidizing slag is done. Next, with the use of ferromanganese and aluminium or ferrosilicon, this gets deoxidized. Choose the best furnace transformer manufacturer and get products from them. All You Need To Know About a Furnace Transformer Fri, 16 Apr 2021 16:25:24 +0530 A Furnace Transformer is used to supply the power to the furnace. The main use of the furnace transformer is that it can lower the high voltage capacity to a lower voltage output.   The main functions controlled by these furnaces are timers, ignitions, circuitry and temperature controls. It is used to keep the machine at a standard voltage.     Using the Transformer in a Proper Way The main work of a transformer is to keep the voltage in check. It is advisable to control the voltage according to the circuit breaker or other electrical devices. If the transformer is regulated in the wrong way then chances are there that there can be burnt fuses and system shortages or in fact a big power failure at times. The furnace may also be damaged if it is mechanised in the wrong manner. This can be a financial loss and can also bring you in a disadvantageous position.     Things You Should Consider While Buying a Transformer There are certain points to consider while you are buying a transformer or thinking of installing a transformer. These are a few of the points which should be kept in mind. 1. There are two different types of volts and you have to consider which volt you want to go for 2. The place of the installation should be considered and accordingly, the size should be chosen. 3. There are mainly two types of furnaces commercial or household. The power requirements of a commercial furnace have to be much larger than that of the household. Hence for commercial purposes, a high voltage furnace transformer should be taken into consideration. 4. You have to consider the correct voltage and have to install the furnace properly so that it can let the transformer function properly.     Checking the Transformer   Sometimes it may happen that the furnace transformer keeps getting switched off and this can be a problem with the volts. There can also be a problem with the wiring and the controls. In case you are trying to fix the problem you should troubleshoot the furnace and perform various technical steps to check the problem. It is advisable to check the furnace properly and to find out the immediate problem at first and then go for in-depth research if any is required over the course of time.     Technical Glitches You should always check the transformer and there may be cases like the presence of a faulty inducer blower preventing the furnace from starting up and sometimes a bad thermocouple which can make the burners to light up.     Maintenance Proper maintenance from time to time is required to keep the furnace as well as the transformer in a good position. There is a fixed timing over two months period or over three months period when the furnace and the transformer need s a boost. The things that have to be looked into are the wires and the voltage. If the wires and voltages are properly checked every time during the maintenance then there is a chance that the transformer will work properly and will face very few problems.     Market The Indian market in the context of the furnace transformer is huge and there have been several furnace transformer Manufacturer as well. Mumbai holds a strategic position in this regard and is subjected to a huge amount of power consumption. The metropolitan cities are all big consumers of power and hence the transformers become an integral part of their everyday journey. The power consumption in Mumbai in a single day is so high that it has resulted in the great demand for furnace transformer in Mumbai. It has been said by various scientists that the rate of power consumption by India can through the conservative and old methods be a source of a big problem in future. There will be a shortage of power shortly.   In recent years that is one of the reasons why big cities are using transformers and solar panels and other kinds of a modern type of sustainable techniques that can help non-renewable energies to be saved. Why You Should Choose a UPS System? Tue, 20 Jul 2021 19:03:35 +0530 The uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source or simply UPS system is a device that is known for providing emergency battery backup when the mains or the input source of power fails. A UPS system is generally used for protecting hardware like telecom equipment, computers, data centres and more. The major difference between an uninterruptible power source and a standby generator or emergency power source is that the former would be able to provide with emergency backup power almost instantaneously and protect the electronics of the consumer from interruptions caused in the input power .The protection helps in situations where the disruption in power can often cause serious injuries and loss of data. Manufacturers of UPS system in Mumbai have classified their different models on basis of the power related problems they can solve. Some common power related problems are: Voltage dip: Also known as the voltage sag, this is a situation when there is a reduction in root mean square or rms voltage for a short period of time. This is caused due to several reasons like overload, short circuit, or during the start of an electric motor. Voltage spike: A voltage spike is considered as a sudden rise in voltage in an electric circuit. Voltage spikes last for around 3 nanoseconds. These can be caused due to different reasons like lightning, magnetic fields, changes in the voltage use, static electricity, Electromagnetic pulses or short bursts of electromagnetic energy that might occur due to natural or human made reasons. Instability in the mains frequency: Such a situation can arise by changing conditions of the environment like temperature, humidity, pressure caused by the atmosphere and vibration. Regular frequency instabilities would eventually lead the power system to get collapsed. Topologies of a UPS The topology of an uninterruptible power supply or UPS is basically it’s central or main design. Some popular UPS topologies are: Standby UPS: Considered as one of the most common UPS topologies. This type of UPS provides emergency backup for battery power in situations like voltage surges or blackouts. If the utility power falls below or rises above a certain predetermined level also called the safe voltage level, the UPS system switches the internal Direct current or DC inverter power and inverts it to the Alternating current or AC power. This AC and DC inverter is powered with help of an internal storage battery. These kind of UPS system models are used mostly for entry level computers, point of scale or pos system, some basic electronic equipments, security systems and more. The run time for most UPS units is very short. They run for about five to ten minutes. Hence a UPS system manufacturer would always advise their customers for buying a larger UPS, so that it can run longer in emergency situations like blackouts. The standby UPS is also called as the offline system. Line Interactive UPS: This type of uninterruptible power source can automatically correct some minor type of fluctuations in power like the under voltages and the over voltages. Even without switching to the battery the voltage is regulated or balanced. It provides with a break of around four to six milliseconds in power when the battery backup transfer is taking place. With help of the line interactive UPS technology wholesale UPS system supplier companies have given a good option between the costs of protecting their devices at a reasonable rate and a moderate cost of operations. Examples of some typical usage situations of line interactive UPS systems are personal computers or PCs, gaming set ups, common consumer electronics, home theatre equipment and some more. In cases of voltage surges, blackouts, over voltages these systems provide with power backups. Double Conversion or Online: The double conversion UPS systems are known for providing with power supply uninterruptedly to the critical Information technology or IT loads. This system protects against all type of power problems and provides with an extremely high level of security for the networks. The incoming Alternating current or AC supply of power is received and then converted into Direct current or DC with help of a rectifier that is fed to the battery and the connected load through the inverter. In case the AC input fails, the rectifier gets dropped off the circuit and the device connected to the uninterruptible power source continues to get power through the batteries. After the input power of alternating current is stored, the rectifier continues to carry the load mostly and starts to charge up the batteries. The output in this type of UPS system is a perfect sine wave due to the continuous flow of power. Top 7 Benefits of Ultra Isolation Transformers Tue, 12 Oct 2021 19:04:28 +0530 Isolation transformers are used to separate power sources from equipment. These transformers are used to transmit electrical power from alternate current power to pieces of equipment for safety measures. Therefore, there is no direct conduction path, but power is transferred through electromagnetic waves. These isolation transformers block the direct current flow to transmit, but it allows alternate current. These Ultra isolation transformers protect against electric shocks from electric conductors. These Ultra isolation transformers are also effective in reducing electrical noise and are also used for supplying power in tactful devices like computers, medical devices and other electrical instruments. Since the direct current flows at home and factories which will burn electrical appliances, but these transformers will reduce the flow of current. This Ultra isolation transformer is capable of withstanding surges in voltage. This transformer creates a barrier between the source of power and the machine or load to ensure the machine’s safety and prevent any hazards. Here are some of the benefits of Ultra Isolation Transformer: Safety The biggest advantage of Ultra isolation transformers provides immense safety to the pieces of equipment and the location where the machine is installed. These transformers are important for setting up a hospital or nursing home where expensive and life-supporting equipment is installed and chances of their getting damaged are possible. Using these Ultra isolation transformers will reduce electrical shock against defective equipment. Reduces Power Breakdown The most vital advantage of Ultra isolation transformers is that they reduce power breakdown. With the use of transformers, electrical equipment can run smoothly because the DC power from a power source is isolated. It results in a high level of functioning of equipment even if there is a power failure. Due to its unique features, Ultra Isolation Transformer Supplier is supplying at market-competitive prices. Reduces Noise Pollution The main advantage of ultra isolation transformers are efficient and reduce their noise. All types of noises and sounds created by other electrical pieces of equipment are reduced with the help of ultra isolation transformers. These transformers are reducing the overflow of current and also reduce noise pollution. Efficient Power quality These isolation transformers provide overall power quality and also helps in efficiency for prevention from power leakage. Due to efficient quality, durability and leakage-proof transformers, electrical devices function efficiently and effectively. Shock-Proof These transformers help in preventing the risk of electrical shock by attaching pieces of equipment with an electrical power supply. These transformers separate the person from the power source so that they do not touch the power line directly. Durable These transformers are durable and can last for a longer period. These transformers are manufactured using high-quality materials and have a longer shelf life. Due o its unique features, it can withstand any type of weather and temperature conditions. Therefore, it is in high demand by the customers. These transformers contain superior quality wiring and are efficient, and have excellent regulation with any temperature. Ultra Isolation Transformer Manufacturers are manufacturing these high-quality transformers using the latest technology and raw materials from verified vendors. Easy to work These ultra isolation transformers make work easy for electricians and users. They can work easily between heavy electrical appliances without taking the risk and saves from electric shock. Usages of Ultra isolation transformers Usually in small sizes, these Ultra isolation transformers are used for isolation in circuits. They are widely used to provide electrical isolation in manufacturing medical pieces of equipment. These transformers are also used in electronics testing and servicing. These Ultra isolation transformers are available for wide applications and are also manufactured with high-risk devices and are harmless to human life. Though these transformers change the life of the society by electricity, it is durable, shock-proof and efficient power supply. Several Ultra Isolation Transformers in Mumbai are working for a longer period. Though these transformers require lower maintenance due to continuous usage, they are efficient enough to provide the flow of current without any trouble.These ultra isolation transformers do not have any direct current link between their primary & secondary loopings. Even if they have separate primary & secondary windings, they can convert the input voltage to a more useful level and reduces noise. So if you are looking for ultra isolation transformers for your industry or medical industry, make absolute research about the manufacturer for selling those transformers. These ultra isolation transformer suppliers are available online and offline in the market. These transformers help in reducing voltage and sound production. However, these transformers are costlier, so it is advisable to procure them from a verified and best manufacturer. You must compare prices on various websites before narrowing down the deal from manufacturer or supplier.