All You Need To Know About A Furnace Transformer

Posted by Admin on April, 16, 2021

A Furnace Transformer is used to supply the power to the furnace. The main use of the furnace transformer is that it can lower the high voltage capacity to a lower voltage output.

The main functions controlled by these furnaces are timers, ignitions, circuitry and temperature controls. It is used to keep the machine at a standard voltage.

Using the Transformer in a Proper Way

The main work of a transformer is to keep the voltage in check. It is advisable to control the voltage according to the circuit breaker or other electrical devices.

If the transformer is regulated in the wrong way then chances are there that there can be burnt fuses and system shortages or in fact a big power failure at times.

The furnace may also be damaged if it is mechanised in the wrong manner. This can be a financial loss and can also bring you in a disadvantageous position.

Things You Should Consider While Buying a Transformer

There are certain points to consider while you are buying a transformer or thinking of installing a transformer. These are a few of the points which should be kept in mind.

1. There are two different types of volts and you have to consider which volt you want to go for

2. The place of the installation should be considered and accordingly, the size should be chosen.

3. There are mainly two types of furnaces commercial or household. The power requirements of a commercial furnace have to be much larger than that of the household. Hence for commercial purposes, a high voltage furnace transformer should be taken into consideration.

4. You have to consider the correct voltage and have to install the furnace properly so that it can let the transformer function properly.

Checking the Transformer

Sometimes it may happen that the furnace transformer keeps getting switched off and this can be a problem with the volts. There can also be a problem with the wiring and the controls.

In case you are trying to fix the problem you should troubleshoot the furnace and perform various technical steps to check the problem.

It is advisable to check the furnace properly and to find out the immediate problem at first and then go for in-depth research if any is required over the course of time.

Technical Glitches

You should always check the transformer and there may be cases like the presence of a faulty inducer blower preventing the furnace from starting up and sometimes a bad thermocouple which can make the burners to light up.


Proper maintenance from time to time is required to keep the furnace as well as the transformer in a good position. There is a fixed timing over two months period or over three months period when the furnace and the transformer need s a boost. The things that have to be looked into are the wires and the voltage. If the wires and voltages are properly checked every time during the maintenance then there is a chance that the transformer will work properly and will face very few problems.


The Indian market in the context of the furnace transformer is huge and there have been several furnace transformer Manufacturer as well.

Mumbai holds a strategic position in this regard and is subjected to a huge amount of power consumption. The metropolitan cities are all big consumers of power and hence the transformers become an integral part of their everyday journey. The power consumption in Mumbai in a single day is so high that it has resulted in the great demand for furnace transformer in Mumbai. It has been said by various scientists that the rate of power consumption by India can through the conservative and old methods be a source of a big problem in future. There will be a shortage of power shortly.

In recent years that is one of the reasons why big cities are using transformers and solar panels and other kinds of a modern type of sustainable techniques that can help non-renewable energies to be saved.

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