Things To Know About Furnace Transformers?

Posted by Admin on February, 19, 2021

Furnace transform means an extremely hot enclosed space, where heat is produced using electrical arcing for melting certain metals like scrap steel without charging electrochemical properties of the metal.

Here electric arc is produced between the electrodes. This electric arc is used for melting the metals. The arc furnaces are used to produce mini steel structural bars and steel rods. The furnaces are in a form of a vertical vessel of fire bricks. There are mainly two different types of electrical furnaces. They are the direct current and alternating current operated furnaces. The furnace transformer manufacturers produce both kinds of furnaces for different needs and purposes.

DC Electric Arc Furnace

This is the advanced and recent furnace compared to the AC arc furnace. In this type of furnaces, the current flows from the cathode to anode. This furnace has only a single graphite electrode and the other electrode is embedded at the bottom of the furnace. There are various methods of fixing anode at the bottom of the direct current furnace transfer.

The first arrangement consists of a single metal anode placed at the bottom. This is water-cooled because these generally gets heated up very fast. In the next type, the anode bar is the conducting heat by C-MgO lining. The current given to the Cu plate positioned at the bottom end portion. Here the cooling of the anode is by the air. In the third arrangement, the metal rods act as the anode. This is entranced in MgO made. In this the fourth arrangement, the anode is thin sheets. The sheets are entrenched in MgO mass.

Benefits Of The Furnace Transformers

Following are some of the advantages of using this transformer. These are as follows:

  • This decreases the electrode consumption by 50%.
  • The melting of the metal is uniform.
  • There is a decrease in power consumption which is around five to ten percent.
  • This reduces flicker by 50%.
  • The refractory consumption is reduced.
  • Hearth life can be extended.

The high voltage furnace transformer is used by plenty of different in different industries for many purposes. You will get to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits by choosing these furnaces.

AC Electric Arc Furnaces

In AC electric furnaces the current flows between the two electrodes through the charges in metal. In this furnace, three graphite electrodes are used as a cathode. The scrap works like an anode. Compared to the direct current furnaces, this is much more cost-effective. This furnace is also commonly used in different furnaces. The furnace transformer suppliers in Mumbai, provide you with the best furnace for your use.

Working Principle Of Furnace

The working of the furnace includes charging the electrode, meltdown period and refining. The light and heavy scrap in the large basket is preheated with the help of the exhaust gas. For speeding up the slag formation, the burnt lime and spar are added to The charging of furnace takes place by swinging off the roof of the furnace.

According to your needs, the hot metal charging all takes place. Then next comes the meltdown period. The electrodes are moved down into the scrap in this period. Them the arc is produced between the electrode and metal by considering the protection aspect, low voltage is selected for this. After the arc is shielded by electrodes, the voltage is increased for speeding up the melting period.

During this process, carbon, silicon and manganese get oxidized. The lower current is needed for the larger production. The heat is lost and it is also less. The process of melting down can be fast by deep bathing of the electrodes.

The process of refining starts at the time of melting. Removal of sulfur is not essential for the single oxidizing slag practice. Only phosphorous removal is needed in this. But in the practice of double slag, both the removable of oxidizing slag is done. Next, with the use of ferromanganese and aluminium or ferrosilicon, this gets deoxidized.

Choose the best furnace transformer manufacturer and get products from them.

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